The Inner Parts of the Tooth

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When you consult with Dr. Lucy Gilbart & Roli Malla Joshi about your oral health, it can be valuable to have an understanding of the inner parts of the tooth. After all, there is a great deal more to your tooth than is observable to the naked eye. Your tooth’ has three layers:

Enamel: The outer layer of the tooth is called the enamel; it’s what you normally see when you smile and look in the mirror. It’s white and is composed of carbonated crystals, which is the hardest substance in or on your body. This substance must be extremely durable as it is often exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria in your food. You protect and defend your enamel from dental erosion with consistent oral hygiene and regular doses of fluoride.

Dentin: The second protective layer beneath the enamel is made up of a less durable yellow, powdery substance. If your teeth have become yellow, this may be a symptom of dental erosion, as your dentin may be starting to show.

Pulp: This is the life force inside the tooth which includes nerve tissue and blood vessels. This is a delicate but crucial area that must be protected. If your pulp is infected, you will likely need root canal therapy.

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