Fillings for Teeth – The Old Technology

You may have seen, or experienced firsthand, those silver-colored, metal fillings for teeth. Those old fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, contain mercury. Amalgam fillings are the unsightly old silver fillings of yesterday. The ADA requires specific protocol be met in order to remove amalgam fillings from the mouth, due to its mercury content. The way that amalgam works is that you need to have, or make, a large hole in the tooth in order to fit the material inside. It then doesn’t truly harden, but rather constantly expands. This is why you may have noticed, with surprise, that many of your amalgam fillings you received as a child have required crowns when replaced. The expansion of the amalgam in the tooth can sometimes cause internal fracturing of the tooth requiring more invasive measures to complete treatment. Today, there’s a better way to fill and amend teeth that may have been damaged by cavities or other problems.

Fillings for Teeth – The New Technology

Thanks to new technology and advances in adhesive dentistry, patients have better options. Natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings called resin composite provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional, silver-colored, amalgam ones. These new resin fillings offer more than cosmetic advantages. They are also metal and mercury free, making them perfect for patients with metal sensitivities, allergies, or health concerns. These restorations are both natural-looking and safe. They are also stronger and healthier for your teeth and gums. Due to the durability of resin composites, they are also available with minimal lost tooth structure.

Replace Your Old Metal Fillings with Natural-Looking Ones

Now, you can replace old amalgam fillings with natural-colored ones, anywhere in your mouth. Talk to your Alluring Smiles, LLC family dentist, Dr. Maria Hayes, about receiving this treatment option. Your smile will look natural and beautiful, and you will have a safer, healthier mouth. Contact our office at 301-637-6155 to learn more about our dental fillings in Gaithersburg, Maryland.