Restorative Services After Tooth Decay Occurs

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Instead of delaying dental treatment for a cavity or ignoring it altogether, we encourage you to visit Alluring Smiles as soon as possible for treatment. When left untreated, tooth decay becomes very dangerous to your teeth and can result in the need for invasive treatment. The early stages of a cavity can often be repaired with dental fillings or another conservative treatment. If you delay receiving tooth decay treatment, you may need to receive one of the following options for restorative dentistry:

– Dental crowns: When a large section of a tooth falls victim to tooth decay, it may be too damaged to support a simple dental filling. In this case, we may recommend a dental crown to cover the remaining tooth structure and provide protection.

– Root canal treatment: Bacteria from a cavity can drill through the tooth enamel to the inner pulp chamber, where your blood vessels and tooth nerve can be vulnerable to decay. When the pulp is infected and irritated by bacteria, you can suffer significant dental pain and even abscess in the tooth. At this point, root canal treatment may be the only option to prevent the loss of the tooth.

– Tooth extraction: When a cavity is too severe for restorative dentistry to be of use, the best choice may be the have the tooth removed. This is not an ideal scenario, and we will do all we can to preserve your natural smile first.

We encourage you to address the early stages of tooth decay right away so that you can receive the most conservative dental treatment possible. If you are concerned about tooth decay in Gaithersburg, Maryland, please feel free to contact Alluring Smiles at 301-637-6155 today and arrange a visit with our dentist, Dr. Lucy Gilbart & Roli Malla Joshi.