Bleeding Gums? Follow These Instructions

A few people might notice minor bits of reddish-pink in the toothpaste they spit out after brushing. Others detect bleeding occasionally as they floss. If you have noticed bleeding gums or blood in your spit after flossing, you should be wary: bleeding gums can be a side effect of periodontal disease or other grave disorders…. Read more »

The Inner Parts of the Tooth

When you consult with Dr. Maria Hayes about your oral health, it can be valuable to have an understanding of the inner parts of the tooth. After all, there is a great deal more to your tooth than is observable to the naked eye. Your tooth’ has three layers: Enamel: The outer layer of the… Read more »

The Answers You’re Looking for About Dental Cleanings and Exams

Many people try to avoid the dental office at all costs, which makes a required six-month checkup quite inconvenient. Little did they know, dental cleanings and exams are vital for their oral health, and the treatments involved are a lot easier than they remember. To help you know a little more about dental cleanings and… Read more »

Dental Veneers: Prepare to Grin from Ear to Ear

Prepare to grin from ear to ear with dental veneers. Dental veneers are highly advanced forms of cosmetic dentistry intended to dramatically advance the look of your teeth by placing small, customizable shells on their faces. Dental veneers can be used for a single abnormal tooth or all of your teeth to achieve a complete… Read more »

Tips for Treating Oral Emergencies

Have you ever had an oral emergency? They are more common than you might think. Oral emergencies are accidents or injuries that take place in your facial area and often necessitate an examination by a doctor or dentist. Here are some helpful tips on treating oral emergencies before expert help can be administered: – If… Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Bruxism Treatments

Bruxism is repairable. Bruxism is a normal oral health disorder characterized by the unconscious grinding of your tooth enamel. The typical type is sleep bruxism, which occurs as you sleep. For a better smile, create an improved oral health identity with bruxism treatments. If your oral health care requires bruxism treatments, remember the following: –… Read more »

The Magic of Dental Crowns

Are you familiar with the magic of dental crowns? If not, you are not alone. Dental crowns can improve your smile in many different ways. To help you understand more about dental crowns, our team here at Alluring Smiles, LLC in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is happy to provide you with some basic information about dental crowns,… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Free From Enamel Erosion by Doing These Things

You deserve the best oral health and smile possible. Unfortunately, there are things in the world today that can constantly threaten your teeth. One of those things is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is a common threat that develops when you consume acidic foods and beverages. The acid in the products attack the teeth and wear… Read more »

The Root Causes of Halitosis

The root causes of halitosis. Halitosis, a symptom more commonly called bad breath, is a disorder that results from foul odors coming from the mouth. Typically, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or infection in your mouth, but it can stem from deeper disorders within your body as well. If you have signs… Read more »

A Composite Filling Might be Necessary to Repair an Area of Dental Attrition

Your teeth are designed to meet up with each other in a specific way throughout your personal bite pattern. When minor alignment issues alter this relationship between two or more teeth it can cause excess wear and tear in the tooth enamel. This condition, known as dental attrition, can compromise a tooth, and eventually come… Read more »