Oral Health Recaps: Teenage Dentistry

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Are you aware of the oral health risks that are associated with teenage dentistry? Teenage dentistry is linked to a specific time in an individual’s life when you can often suffer from severe dental damage risks due to social settings and changes in your mouth. As a teen, the last of your teeth will grow in. These are known as your wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, though, several oral health care risk factors arise due to wisdom teeth because they can often fail to fully grow in or add additional pressure to surrounding teeth. Several risk factors associated with wisdom teeth include tooth decay, infection and crossbites.

Apart from natural occurrences such as wisdom teeth eruption, several of the oral health risks involved with teenage dentistry include the prevalence of peer pressure risks such as smoking or using drugs as well as wearing mouth jewelry. To help keep your smile safe, you will want to limit the risk of dental damage associated with these bad habits. Smoking and chewing tobacco as well as using drugs have been linked to several oral health ailments including infections, tooth loss and cancer. Mouth jewelry has been linked to several oral health risks such as cracked teeth, choking, infectious diseases, nerve damage, and oral inflammation.

Another common risk factor associated with teenage dentistry is from high-risk activities such as sports. Many teenagers are involved with sports without thinking of the risks associated with oral accidents and injuries. If you ever to sustain a blow to your face, you could easily destroy your jaw or smile and seconds. Thus, always protect your teeth whenever necessary. This includes the use of oral appliances such as face masks and mouthguards. If you are involved with a sport that puts your teeth and gums at risk, protect your smile at all costs.

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