If Your Dental Crown Falls Out, You Need to See a Dentist

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A strong dental grade cement is typically used to secure a dental crown onto its anchoring abutment. The bond created will essentially mimic the natural relationship that once existed between the tooth’s enamel layer and the underlying dentin.

As time goes on it is possible for poor oral hygiene, chronic gum disease, or an oral trauma to affect the dental cement. This could potentially cause one of your dental crowns to feel loose or potentially fall out. In a situation like this, you will need to seek timely care from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Lucy Gilbart & Roli Malla Joshi.

In a case where the dental adhesive failed yet the internal abutment is still healthy, you should see the dentin pillar protruding from your gums and the dental crown should be hollow. If this has occurred Dr. Hayes might be able to clean the dental crown and cement it back onto the abutment.

If the anchoring abutment has been fractured or it broke off near the gumline from an oral trauma, you might see some of it inside the dental crown. This might call for Dr. Hayes to perform a root canal to restore adequate structure before starting the process of fitting you for a new dental crown.

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