Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Bruxism Treatments

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Bruxism is repairable. Bruxism is a normal oral health disorder characterized by the unconscious grinding of your tooth enamel. The typical type is sleep bruxism, which occurs as you sleep. For a better smile, create an improved oral health identity with bruxism treatments. If your oral health care requires bruxism treatments, remember the following:

– An assortment of other oral health disorders, including sleep apnea, may increase your risk for bruxism.

– If you have raw or sore gum tissue that appears chewed, you may have bruxism.

– If you are repeatedly feeling additional muscle soreness in your face or jaw, be sure to check with your dentist as it may be a sign of bruxism.

– Even though it is not guaranteed that you will get bruxism, if already suffer from a jaw or pain disorder such as TMJ, you may be at an amplified risk for bruxism.

– Bruxism is regularly seen with individuals who have dull or flat teeth, muscle soreness in their jaw, various issues with their jaw locking up, and an increase in tooth sensitivity.

Come in and see for yourself the magic of bruxism treatments. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lucy Gilbart & Roli Malla Joshi and our team at our dentist office in Gaithersburg, Maryland, call Alluring Smiles at 301-637-6155 and a member of our team will gladly assist you. Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with bruxism treatments.